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$196,000 In Ad Spend Turned Into $22 Solar and Roofing Leads

Creating a path to successful online lead generation for an established and trusted nationwide Solar and Roofing company.

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"Sidney and his team are very talented, data-driven individuals who provided a solid lead service to us through the Pandemic. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a responsive Ad agency to rely on."
Dan Dunn


  • Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Social Media management
  • Lead Generation
  • Data analysis
  • Appointment Setting
  • Appointment Distribution and Rehashing

The problem:

Our client wasn't new to social advertising. In fact, they had spent well over $120,000 in ad spend already before working with us. After trying a handful of different "lead gen agencies" and "solar gurus" they had enough of social advertising. While they did convert leads into deals, it was not at the rate, cost, or efficiency they needed to justify the expense. That's when they turned to Swimm Social to provide a solution that was effective at closing while maintaining costs.

The solution:

Our solution was to build a comprehensive social advertising system on Facebook and Instagram to attract potential leads, get them to submit their information, and convert them on the appointment setting follow up. Not only do we generate leads and appointments, but we also integrated with the company to streamline a process that keeps information current and highly efficient.

In addition, we support lead generation with our appointment setting service which converts leads for the client and drops the appointment directly into their CRM for rep dispatching.


Solar & Roofing

About the Company:

Harness brings together the best parts of the Solar Industry. This allows us to custom-create for every homeowner or business we meet - and the end result is exactly what your situation calls for. Harness the Future today.

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