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$550k In Closed Solar Deals From Lead Generation

Scaling a local solar company that was dependent on purchasing overpriced leads that did not convert into customers.

decrease in cost per lead
return on ad spend
increase in closing rate
"Sidney comes with a strong recommendation from our company. He has paid for himself 10x over. I highly suggest giving him a shot."
VP of Sales


  • Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Media production including Drone Imagery
  • Social Media management
  • Lead Generation
  • Data analysis

The problem:

After seeing little ROI on their current marketing efforts, Sun Dynamics turned to Swimm Social for lead generation. They needed a way to bring in not just a higher quantity, but more qualified leads. They were purchasing leads at $150 and seeing only a 5% appointment rate. Also, they had done social media advertising prior and saw no return, leaving the owner doubtful of the benefits.

The solution:

Our solution was to use social advertising on Facebook and Instagram to target their ideal customer and place ads in their feeds that would get their attention and drive actions. The results were incredible. We reduced their CPL (Cost Per Lead) by over 65%, dramatically increased their closing rate thanks to an influx of lead quantity and lead quality. They received a hefty 18x ROAS and $550k+ in revenue in 7 months.


Solar and Roofing

About the Company:

They are a Class - B General Contractor specializing in energy efficient renovations, particularly on the outside of the home. They offer the following installations: Roofing, Solar, Heating/Air, Windows, Battery Backup and Exterior Coatings.

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